Zhou Jie's Acting Life

    Category Title - Character Filming Unit/Date
    1. Television: Huan Zhu Ge Ge - Er Kang (Taiwan 1997.12 )
    Huan Zhu Ge Ge II - Er Kang (Taiwan 1998. )
    Strange Coast - Yue Jing Dong (China date 1993.)
    Yellow Dirt Slope (China 1998)
    Dad, Wife and Son - Zhao Lei (China 1998.08 )
    Woman at Home - Liu Wan Cai (China date 1995.)
    Young Bao Qing Tian - Bao Zheng (China 2000.04)
    Right On Target - Fang Jie (China 2000.09)
    Heron Hunters Series - Yang Kang (China 2002.02)
    2. Movies: Yuan Ling Yu - Liu Qiong (Hong Kong date unknown)
    Sino-Russian Railway Robbery (Hong Kong date unknown)
    Rose Mansion (China Northern Movies date unknown )
    Little Bin Man (China Northern Movies date unknown )
    Are You Lonesome Tonight? (China 1999.11)
    3. Stage Play: Down On Earth - 50 shows (China 1998.05)


1. Zhou Jie has become famous in Taiwan after the "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" series

2. Since information is limited, only the ones known to us are listed as above, only a few are available to the Taiwanese audience.