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Welcome to our world of deep passion.

No matter where you are from, or have the same 'affiliation' or not, you are still our web site's welcomed guest.
Although this web site's main character is Zhou Jie, we also respect any other artist, and will not belittle anyone to defend our own love. "To meet is fate", let's all extend our hands in friendship, and tie this knot of blissful fate!

It's been two years since our debut on August 1, 1998; we have a lot of information to provide. To all of our new friends, please feel free to browse each and every item, so as to help you blend into our well-extended family.

We have a FAQs area which is a collection of answers to common questions from our visitors. Please visit that area first, and if you still cannot find what you want, please leave me a message on our Guestbook (or send an email to me), and your question will surely be answered by enthusiastic friends or myself.

This is an amateur effort on my part, please pardon any inadequacies.

August, 1998

The project of the English translation for our website is started from September 2000. It's still the work-in-progress in everyday.

I appreciate the effort from our enthusiastic coordinator & chief editor Yun Xiao, and the editors: Julie, Elyn, Samantha, and Gillian. Without their help, this great idea may never become reality.

I wish our effort can make this website become a true international community for Zhou Jie.

October, 2000

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