Zhou Jie: Real Person Real Passion Real Man

Translated by Yun Xiao

Mainland Chinese actor Zhou Jie has become a household name for TV audiences worldwide ever since his Er Kang characterization in the TV series Huan Zhu Ge Ge. His workload has also increased. Days ago, while he came to Hong Kong to promote his new movie "Are you lonesome tonight", this reporter had a very congenial interview with him:

Click to enlarge Life is a stage

First off, Zhou Jie gave this reporter a very good first impression - he's punctual. He showed up exactly on time for his 4pm interview. Then I found out, he's very sociable.

On acting, Zhou Jie has a very unique point of view. He said: "A lot of people think acting is not real. I don't agree. It's a misconception. The only things about acting that's fake are the props, the backdrops, but people are real! When there are real people, then the emotion is real, how can it be fake? The relationship between actors, situations and characters keeps changing. It's really the same as real life. For example, I am being interviewed now, tonight I'll attend a premiere, I appear differently, how can it be fake?"

He feels that only because characters have real emotions, the audience will be moved. That's the secret of success. He said: "If the actors are not into his work, the audience will not be reeled in. Just as in the series Huan Zhu Ge Ge, Er Kang and Zi Wei are in love, this is real emotion, that's why the audience is moved. Of course, it's not Zhou Jie and Lin Xin Ru dating each other."

He believes, when the drama is finished, for the actors, it's a metamorphosis or return to normal procedure, not a departure. He said: "Actors just do what they are supposed to do in a set environment and structure of human relationship. " Zhou Jie's opinion is, because that is real life, you can also say life is a stage.

Click to enlarge A good person who works in good productions

Zhou Jie continued, "Because of this, a good actor should be able to caricature any person in any given situation, just as we can be different characters in any given situation in real life, we have to bring out true emotions."

When Zhou Jie talked about principles in life, all he said was, "be a good person, work in good productions". To achieve that, he said it could be hard and it could be easy, the key is how much one can tolerate.

When it comes to being a good person, he said: "One important point is to have no regrets." In the case of a celebrity, always written up by the media, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. "All these is not important. What's important is you are mentioned, that you're still the focal point of the media. That's why, I let it be, whatever is true and real will eventually come out. Further explanation will just give them something more to write about", all will fade with the passage of time, whether it's glory or shame, it will be taken over by new glory or shame. "It's more important to work hard, do what I like, and truly do my best in every task." He doesn't have to achieve all that he wants, "such as getting awards, I have hoped to, because it's a proof of my ability, but getting awards is not a goal of mine, because even if I don't get an award, it doesn't mean that I'm not a good actor." He also said: "That's why, whether I get rewarded or not, I'll still try my hardest. I think, getting an award is up to others, but working hard or not is up to me. I'll try my hardest in everything I do."

Take it easy with fame and fortune

In regards to fame and fortune, Zhou Jie expressed that first of all, these two things are not perpetual; secondly, both are not what he will pursue forever. He gave an example:
"Just like in a race, at the finish point is a pot of gold. When you are running the race, all the joy and grief are during the race, in the process of working for it. Life is filled with countless races, you cannot win the pot of gold every time, and you can't hang on to the pot of gold and continue the race, because if you hang on, you will one day die of exhaustion."

He thinks, if all you are running for is that pot of gold, you will not run as freely, and you will not run as fast. If there is no emotional baggage, one can run faster and better. "This illustrates one point, fame and fortune elude those who crave them the most", therefore, he feels fame and fortune should be treated with ease and not be a baggage.

He said: "I have never looked down upon myself, that's why I don't worry about being popular or not. To be popular is up to other people, I have a set value for my own self-worth."

When it comes to acting, Zhou Jie epitomized that he would recollect after each production so he would learn from it "even if there are problems, it will not become an emotional baggage, because what's past is past, I'll always look forward and keep on improving till achieving excellence."

After chatting with Zhou Jie, I found that he's a unique young man with considerable personal depth.

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